Indonesian Executions

Tonight many of us Australians will have come home from work, eaten a nice dinner & hung out in a warm home with the people we love, as we do most nights.

This evening as you tuck your kids into bed & after you kiss your partner goodnight, or phone/text the people you love. I ask you to take a moment to reflect on your life. Have you been the best version of you today? How much has your life changed over the past decade?

Tonight as we put ourselves to sleep, 9 human beings on death row in Indonesia will be only a few hours away from execution. Their families & loved ones lives will be forever broken.

I have no doubt that once upon a time when Andrew Chan & Myuran Sukumaran’s parents tucked their little boys into bed they NEVER EVER expected their son’s would one day make mistakes that would cost them their lives by an international firing squad.

I ask you all – PLEASE tonight, don’t assume what your future may or may not bring! Be grateful for what you have today, no matter what it is.

Please be aware that unfortunately drug manufacturing & smuggling is an increasing nation wide trade ~ whether you like it or not, it’s fact! Heroin, ice & other narcotics make their way into our country every single day. Drug addiction is a world wide issue that needs to be treated with appropriate rehabilitation & compassion. No child grows up aspiring to be a drug addict!

Tomorrow morning when we wake up, Andrew Chan & Myuran Sukumaran will be dead!!! As a result of their poor lifestyle choice over 10 years ago.

As a recovering drug addict – I do not support narcotic related crimes like drug smuggling! However i know for a FACT that the drug trade & addiction breeds toxic behaviours & irrational decisions.

Based on my own personal experience I can state that human beings ARE capable of rehabilitation & lifestyle transformation if given the chance! {But why give people the chance to rehabilitate & restore their lives, then kill them?}

I believe the death penalty should be abolished world wide!

I am so deeply saddened by tonight’s executions. I pray for the souls of the 9 people who will be shot dead after serving lengthy prison sentences, especially Andrew & Myuran whom I strongly believe have rehabilitated their lives.

May they finally go home to a God of their own understanding. I pray for their families who will continue to suffer for years to come. I pray for all of humanity – may our nation learn with compassion the consciences of drug smuggling. I pray for the beautiful Balinese people & the aftermath that may effect Bali.

Finally I pray for YOU!

I pray you & your family NEVER EVER experience the torture that drugs & drug related crimes create.

‘Who the Son sets free, is free indeed’ John8:36

Good Night & God Bless!

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