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“Hey, I’m always on your blog and reading about how you changed your life is so inspiring! I have very close family members who have been addicted to drugs for years and came off & then relapsed, it’s sad but seeing a stranger been able to change their life around the way you have done is mind blowing! I’d love to give family members a kick up the backside and into the right direction because you’re such an inspiration whether it’s dealing with addiction or anything else , just reading your blog makes me happy knowing people like you are doing good in the world and have a second chance in life.  It’s beautiful! I deeply respect you.”



“Just read your blog on fighting against your drug addiction. Fair play to you and the transformation is just enormously amazing. I respect people like you that never give up and give it your all.”



“Hey, saw ur story on kael’s page, “never give up giving up drugs” and thought i’d get in touch to show my support. that drug ruined my life for 12 years as well, my body started falling apart, ended up wit a hip infection requiring an emergency operation in a town (alice springs) where i didn’t know a soul! all coz id been robbed in adelaide and didn’t know coz i was so off! that was 18 months ago, i have relapsed twice, once for 3mths the otha for 1day, like u said, i am not my past and take eac. day as it comes, i am bak working for a crane company and enjoying life again from a perspective i wld neva of thought possible 3 to 10yrs ago! i’ve had jobs on the mines and in awesome places and all lost to that devil. i dont believe in god as such but believe in a greater power and love hearing from others who have led similar lifestyles to realise that wasnt living. keep up the good work hun and i’ll definitely be following u as i do others cheers.”



“Great website. I’m a recovering addict of almost 20 years. Love to see stuff like this on facebook.”



“I absolutely love this page. I am 16 and I am currently not living at home, I live with sister I’ve had to leave because she has turned to drugs and its just impossible to live with her she completely changed she is not the same person and it breaks my heart I just wish she can find the strength to stop for the sake of her little boy after I read that prom I blamed myself for everything because I thought I was in the wrong but its just the addiction I just don’t know how I can help her I think you are such a strong person to have quit I just hope my sister is strong too”



“Hi Sarah love the page, well done to you, inspirational stuff, keep up the good work and ignore any haters!! Best of luck in 2015”



“ICE – This is my story… I’m 29 years old and now going through a soon to be divorce. My husband has been an ice addict without my knowledge since we were married. We have been together for 4.5 years and married for 2 of those. In the beginning of our relationship he was absolutely beautiful inside and out. He would write me poems and pick me flowers from the side of the road on his way home from work. He would cook and clean and tell me daily how much he loved me even getting me a cup of tea in bed most mornings. I was so lucky this boy was my soul mate and I loved him with every part of my body. We lived in a small community on a remote island so when I moved there it was just us against the world. I landed a job flying as a flight attendant biggest achievement ever so we discussed it and decided I should take the job. I went away flying and I guess he got lovely as we only seen each other once every two weeks. Things started to change he became distant and I thought he was having an affair turns out he was with ICE. Things progressively got worse so I quit and moved home to save our marriage. Once home it was a long process of him blaming everything on me. I found countless glass pipes hidden around the house in his car in the shed and the spare room. Of course he had an answer and an excuse for everything. He would say you’re crazy I’m not hiding anything it’s your trust issues ect ect. He would leave the house and not come back sometimes till early hours of the morning. He was tied and crabby and we had outrageous fights. I started to really worry but I couldn’t even ask him a question without him flying off the handle. I became invisible it was like he hated me he had no emotion at all no love the only thing he had towards me was anger. He was so busy with work and now I look at it trying to hide his drug addiction. He had at least 5 different email accounts and a pre paid phone including his normal one. He would take his phone to the toilet and bathroom and it was always on silent. This ICE has made him an empty shell but on the outside I look at him and see my boy my lover and my husband and most of all the man I was meant to grow old with. But on the inside I don’t even know him anymore. He still will not admit he has a problem and he won’t talk to me about it so I ended up leaving. It’s not just the addict that suffers it’s also the loved ones, I thought that if I loved him more it would save him but that doesn’t work it just made him hate me even more. If you have a partner that’s an addict please call someone for help I wish I did x.”





“Hi Sarah I just wanna say wow Well done girl, your page is an amazing way to spread awareness about the epidemic that’s happening, I am also clean 2 months and have started a page called return to reality and also a chat for members struggling with triggers.”




“I think I need your blog in my life! If I knew you personally I would get you to hold my hand. Best of luck in 2015.”



“Hey there just wanted to let you know that your page is very insperaional and touching… This is my story you can share it but would rather my name not be mentioned… Over the last 2 years I suffered bad addiction with gambling and cocaine.. 4 years ago I was enlisted to join the army but while working my job before joining I injured my back and was bed ridden for nearly 10 months before I had surgery having to go though workers comp it was a long and painful process.. Being only 25 at the time I was young and active and sporty after having my dream taken away from me I fell in to a deep depression and was angry with myself… I then just starting to dibble in to the odd night out with the mates having a few lines… 2 years later after I was awarded compensation… Which was money that would of set me in good stead to train myself up in something that would be less stress on my back and also a very very good house deposit that would if really had me own my own house in less then half the time a hard working family would take… But once I got my money it was in my account I thought it would last forever.. My dibbling in coke turned into a addiction where I would not go to be unless I knew I had lined for the morning I quit work and just headed to the pub everyday on the pokies I opened up 2 different account and separated my money and made sure both cards had the most withdrawal limit for the day so I could play with nearly 7 grand a day yeah a lot if the times went though the lot for gambling and my $1100 a day habit on coke.. I thought I was living the life but I didn’t see what I was doing to myself I thought I had control of it and I was just doing it for fun… But really I would of done anything for it I got angry if i didn’t have any on me I needed it I lived for it… I had it dropped off to me at stupid hours on normal weekday… I would go days with out sleep.. I started losing mates but I also start gaining mates that I was so blind to see but were there to help me blow away… I lost my g/f of 5 years. Not even 12 months later I blew $196000 and have not a thing to show for it… I’ve had to get a loan to buy a car I’m home now with my parents… But I’m clean now moving forward and feeling much better.. Have a full time job again and watching that bank grow again




“Hey I was bound on heroin and Crystal meth left heroin for Crystal but God changes lives. Its our decision – who we gonna serve the drugs and the devil or God.”

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